Friday, August 14, 2015

pandan cake

another mouthwatering indonesian classic cake, one of my favorites too. yes, it's pandan cake. 

it needs no advance baking technique to make a scrumptious one, only a real pandan and suji leaves (dracaena angustifolia). yes, just that simple. pandan cake with a real pandan and suji leaf tastes completely different than a pandan cake with pandan pasta which tastes artificial. you can smell it on your first bite. the scent comes out from the puffy (real) pandan cake never lies. the color also will tell the truth. the natural pigments of suji leaf produces a beautiful soft green color you'll adore. if you add some more, the color will be more intense. 

**unfortunately i didn't take picture of it but i guaratee this recipe is really works for your demanding tongue. 

pandan cake

150 gr (3 pcs) chicken eggs
150 gr sugar
1 tsp vanilla powder
150 gr flour 
50 g low fat butter, melted
4 pandan leaves  
3 suji leaves 
50 ml water

1 tbs low-fat butter
50 gr white cooking chocolate, finely grated

1. preheat the oven at 180 ° C.

2. prepare a baking sheet round hole diameter 20 cm. polish the entire surface of the pan with butter until blended.

3. beat eggs and sugar with a high speed mixer until fluffy and white (8-10 mins). add the vanilla powder and flour, sifted, stir gently, alternated with melted butter. set aside.

4. mash the pandan leaves, suji leaves, and water in a blender until well blended. strain, pour the mixture of water and pandan suji leaves 30 ml into the batter. stir well.

5. pour the batter into the pan and smooth.

6. bake in a hot oven for 45 minutes. remove and allow to cool.

7. brush the top surface of the cake with butter, put the grated white chocolate on it. (i like it plain without topping)

8. cut into pieces and serve.

source: femina

enjoy it with a cup of javanese tubruk tea :)


Monday, August 3, 2015

indonesian cheese cake

this is one of indonesian classic cakes which always made me addicted. when i lived in yogyakarta there's a cake shop called swiss bakery which sold this cake. it's soft, puffy and delectable. and i always crave for more.  

so.. i determined to be able to make a tasty one like it. i must! ;) after browsing some recipes my choice fell on this recipe with some modification. the recipe was easy to made and i was very happy with the result. it's puffy and toothsome, like what i expected. 

indonesian cheese cake (steamed cheese cake)

8 eggs
3 egg yolks
150 grams sugar
1 tbsp emulsifier (sp / tbm)
2 tablespoons water
150 g cake flour
40 grams of cornstarch
30 grams of milk powder
150 grams of margarine, melted
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
200 grams of butter cream to spread
200 grams of grated cheddar cheese for dusting

step by step
1. preheat the steamer
2. beat the eggs and sugar until the sugar becomes smooth and well blended.
3. add emulsifiers and water and beat with a mixer at medium speed until it's pale (8-10 minutes)
4. add flour gradually and add cornstarch
5. stir all ingredients until well blended
6. add milk powder, sifted
7. enter the already melted margarine and vanilla essence
8. stir all ingredients until well blended
9. include in the steamer
10. wait for approximately 20 minutes and lift up perfectly ripe
11. wait for the cake to cool and rub the surface of the cake with butter cream
12. sprinkle with cheese already grated.



Wednesday, July 1, 2015

lemon cream puffs with fresh fruit

routine. daily life. pattern. repetition. don't you get bored? i do. 

therefore this morning i decided to be disordered. i cheated! ;) 

bread and olive oil. that's what i have on plate in every morning. but this morning i'd like something cute, sweet but not complicated. i still wanted to enjoy my morning. anyways, i just bought pastry sheet couple days ago. it attracted my attention to learn making something from it. my choice fell to this recipe. i got it from this site after browsing around. it seemed easy and it was. so much easier to make than you're probably expecting and fast. it only took 45 minutes to make.

lemon cream puffs with fresh fruit
4 servings


1/2 sheet puff pastry
1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 tbs powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tbs lemon curd (homemade* or store bought)
fresh fruit of your choice such as, strawberries, kiwi, grape

step by step:
1. thaw puff pastry sheet according to package directions. gently unfold pastry onto a lightly floured surface.

2. use a pizza cutter (or just a kitchen knife) to cut the pastry into 8 small rectangles

4. bake pastry on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper for 12-14 minutes (check after 10 minutes).

5. bake until puffy and medium golden brown and allow to cool.

6. while the pastry bakes, prepare fruit by cutting into small pieces, then mixing together in a bowl. set aside.

7. prepare lemon cream by whipping the heavy whipping cream (using and electric mixer) until it begins to thicken.

8. add vanilla and powdered sugar, and continue to beat until thick and fluffy. with the mixer on low, add the lemon curd. stop mixing as soon as the lemon curd is incorporated.

9. assembly: using a serrated knife, cut open each baked pastry (horizontally).

10. fill a piping bag (or a ziplock bag with a corner cut off) with the lemon cream and pipe some cream onto both the top and bottom piece of pastry.

11. add fruit to the bottom piece (as shown), and then add the top piece, creating a sandwich.

12. sprinkle with powdered sugar. if desired, pipe a small dollop of cream on top and add a few additional pieces of fruit.

13. serve immediately, or keep the assembled desserts in the refrigerator up to 2 hours.

lay a base of cold water under the bowl while you whipping the whipped cream to make it easier to thicken. especially if you live in a tropical island like me ;)

lemon curd

1/4 cup milk
1/2 tsp white sugar
1/4 egg yolks
1/8 egg
1/2 tsp cornstarch
2 tsp white sugar
3/4 tsp butter
1/8 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp lemon juice

step by step:
1. in a heavy saucepan, stir together the milk and 1/4 cup of sugar. bring to a boil over medium heat.

2. in a medium bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and egg. stir together the remaining sugar and cornstarch; then stir them into the egg until smooth.

3. when the milk comes to a boil, drizzle it into the bowl in a thin stream while mixing so that you do not cook the eggs. return the mixture to the saucepan, and slowly bring to a boil, stirring constantly so the eggs don' t curdle or scorch on the bottom.

4. when the mixture comes to a boil and thickens, remove from the heat. stir in the butter and vanilla, mixing until the butter is completely blended in. add lemon juice.

5. pour into a heat-proof container and place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the surface to prevent a skin from forming. refrigerate until chilled before using.

recipe adapted from here 


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

strawberry lemonade

it's getting hot out there and we're facing the transition season in indonesia. even more i live in a small island. it's very obvious, the wind blows more strongly and most of people get sick (including me!). so i think about making an energy drink to be able to stand upright through this season. a natural one. 

my choice fell into this easy to make drink. strawberry lemonade. i saw this amazing recipe on rasamalaysia, one of my favorite food & drink recipe websites. this recipe uses coconut water as one of the main ingredients. that's the reason why i immediately fell in love with it. it contains many benefits such as prevent dehydration, balance the electrolyte content, help improving digestion and too many too mention. in 2000, FAO even named coconut water as a natural energy drink.

i modified the original recipe. the original recipe uses raspberry not strawberry. you know, the price of raspberry ;) besides the raspberry replacement, i think a bit addition of honey would perfecting the taste. i always love the idea of combining lemon and honey. 

here's the recipe:

strawberry lemonade
serves 6 

150 gr strawberries
4 cups fresh coconut water, pulp discarded
5 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
5 tablespoons sugar or honey
2 cups ice
Lemon wedges, for garnishing

step by step:
1. rinse the strawberries and drained. transfer the strawberries into a blender and puree it.

2. in a pitcher, combine pureed strawberry, coconut water, lemon juice and sugar together, stir to mix well. if you are using sugar, make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved. add the ice to the pitcher and pour the strawberry lemonade into glasses and garnish with lemon wedges.

enjoy your healthy-natural-refreshing-detox-energy drink!

recipe modified from rasamalaysia


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

doodle again

i haven't been doodling for a quite long time. until i have this new cool notebook. 
a blue-white fabric-covered notebook. 
on the picture above is me, ready to doodling around every time and everywhere :P


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

kue cubit

penasaran (lagi-lagi) dengan kue yang lagi hits banget belakangan ini. iya, kue cubit. kue ini populer di daerah jakarta dan bandung hingga merambah ke bali. di bali sendiri kue cubit dipopulerkan oleh stickee, tempat ngemil-ngemil cantik bertempat di jalan dewi sri, kuta. 

ternyata cara membuatnya sederhana sekali, bahan-bahannya juga mirip sekali dengan panekuk (pancake). cetakannya pun bervariasi. aku sendiri pakai cetakan poffertjes yang aku beli di toko peralatan kue feni di jalan kartini, denpasar. 

kue cubit

2 btr telur ayam
50 gr gula pasir
50 gr tepung terigu
50 gr margarin cair yang dilelehkan
1/8 sdt soda kue
1/4 sdt baking powder
1/4 sdt bubuk vanili
margarin untuk mengoles cetakan
topping sesuai selera

cara membuat
1. siapkan cetakan, oleskan margarin merata.

2. masukkan telur ayam dan gula pasir, aduk dengan mikser hingga pucat, lembut dan mengembang.

3. masukkan tepung terigu sedikit demi sedikit, aduk hingga rata. masukkan margarin cair, aduk hingga rata kemudian masukkan soda kue, baking powder dan bubuk vanili.

4. panaskan cetakan dengan api kecil, masukkan adonan 1/2 penuh cetakan. tutup. bila adonan sudah cukup matang dan mengembang, taburi dengan topping. tunggu sebentar kemudian angkat.

mudah ya? disini aku pakai berbagai macam topping, apa aja yang lagi ada di rumah :) oreo, milo nuggets, keju, selai blueberry, M n M's, skippy, dan permen UHA rasa green tea. kesempatan bereksplorasi dengan toppingnya tidak terbatas. anything can be.

resep diadaptasi dari sini


Friday, March 13, 2015

lilium embroidery, my craft line!

finally i made it came true!

i made my own craft line, Lilium Embroidery. it's officially established on 13 november 2014 (it's 5 months ago already, so this is a very late post ;)). let's get to know closer. 

what is Lilium Embroidery? 
Lilium Embroidery is personalized embroidery portraits based in Denpasar, Bali. Lilium is a reflection of fun, warm, brave individual who loves creativity and detail, as well as individual expression. therefore, each design is unique and special.

what are the products of Lilium?
Lilium creates personalized embroidered portrait on 40 x 40 cm cushion cover. the cushion cover made from white thick cotton or ecru linen. customers also can request in different sizes and colors. we can discuss the possibilities. in 2015, Lilium also available READY STOCK. 

how to order it?
It's very easy!

  1. Send me your best photo. 
  2. You can attach photos through LINE (see on instagram) or email me lilium.embroidery[at] Also feel free to give description of your favorite style, outfit. Also, please let me know if you have any special requests, such as colors to make it as personalized as possible! 
  3. You can choose one of these types of portrait (choose one): A. face only B. face-chest C. face-waist D. full body 
  4. Frame-theme option: A. flower B. hobby (tell us your hobby) C. swirls D. other 
  5. I create sketch. 
  6. I send you a sketch on your email. Minor revision is possible. 
  7. If you're ok with the sketch, soon I'll create your cushion cover :)

where can we buy it? 
up to now, Lilium can be bought online through INSTAGRAM and BLOG. check those out and follow to be part of Lilium's journey!

can you show us the products?
sure! here they are.

you can see more on Lilum's instagram and blog. currently i'm still working on the blog.