Wednesday, October 8, 2014


in recent years, i enjoy gardening. not as much as baking yet but i do enjoying atmosphere being in the garden. this is one of my favorite moments. trimming the roses (get rid of the old ones!). i always feel like a queen of england whenever i do it! sounds ridiculous but it's true.

we always see in the movie a scene that shows the english ladies do this-roses-trimming, right?

*maybe you're wondering why the old roses have to be removed from the plant. mom said this intended that new roses can grow faster than if you do not do the trimming.


every activity always has the fun and the not-fun part.

this! weeding. it's very exhausting. it's not a muscle-work but i always wondering and nagging why the weeds grow much faster than the main plants. why they beat them in the end. but it's been a pleasure whenever i see a bucket (yes, a bucket) of weeds in the end of weeding.


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