Monday, March 3, 2014

arretje nof

it's my first time tasting this dutch-origin cake. arretje nof. a simple unbaked dutch chocolate cake. originally, the cake is a recipe from a promotional booklet dutch oliefabrieken (NOF) calvĂ© - delft. the comic character the adventurous turkish boy called arretje nof was used as an advertisement for the product and arretje nof cake itself was recipe no 100. the recipe is a simplification of a dessert from emilia-romagna (italy), called salame di chioccolato. arretje nof cake became big hit in holland and has become most memorable memory in every grandchildren as to grandma's treats.

arretje nof consists of wheat biscuits / tea biscuits (crumbled in some recipes), butter or margarine, sugar, eggs, cocoa, vanilla, and rum. as it's only comprises of few ingredients, you have to be thorough selecting the quality of the ingredients so that yielding a mouth watering arretje nof. 

in yogyakarta, you can find it at mooi kitchen on jalan simanjuntak. it's worth to try. or if you prefer to make it in your own kitchen, you can try this recipe


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