Friday, August 15, 2014

fruity pancake tacos

pancake has many ways to be varied. its flexibility gives us no boundaries to be creative. this time i created it become one of mexican famous food: taco! 

i use instant pancake butter instead making from scratch *call me lazy. with small pan i made small-medium size round pancake. remember, it has to be big enough to be folded and filled with fruits but not too big to maintain its structure. you have to make sure it has to be easy to hold in your hand when you eat it. 

as i made it for my breakfast, i like it to be not too sweet and healthy. i spread plain yogurt on half of the pancake and filled it with fruits like strawberry, banana and prunes *whatever available at home. to hold the fold, cut the bamboo skewers and stick it on the pancake then use prunes to hold the slippery pancake on its place. 

for party, yogurt can be replaced with ice cream or whipped cream so as the topping. 


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