Wednesday, October 9, 2013

the best of palembang in 4 days

another trip! this time i went to palembang, the capital city of south sumatra. a 4 days trip with family, my mom and niece. my third city in sumatra i went to after medan and jambi. 

i was amazed seeing the legendary musi river. this river was the center of civilization of sriwijaya kingdom. it's vast and much bigger than i thought. not only small and medium boats and ships can sail but the big ships too! we sailed to pulo kemaro (dry island), a delta in the middle of the river. like many regions in indonsia, pulo kemaro which also called mate island has its own legend story too, you can read it here. not only as the center of trading, musi river and the famous ampera bridge is main attraction for the locals and tourists, day and night. 

finally i had chance to eat the authentic fishcakes on the 2 most hit local spots! our humble driver took us to 2 most famous fishcake restaurants in palembang; vico and candy. for me personally vico tastes more tasteful than candy :) while there i ate pempek e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y! we even killed the whole fishcakes served on the plate. can't get enough of it! besides fishcakes, vico noted for its red bean ice. 

pamparampampa.. it's shopping time! palembang famous for its songket cloth and jumputan (tye-dye) clothes. based on my experience, it's better to shop on the kito market than in the art shop. kito market sells the songket from home industry direct from the craftsmen. we went to fikri art shop and the price is much expensive than kito market. 

it was an exciting travelling experience. i hope i can come back again to sumatra island to explore new region i've never been to. long and tiring trip from bali to sumatra but it's really worth it. 


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