Saturday, July 20, 2013

replenishing the soul in cirebon

whenever i'm about to book a trip ticket, i always in doubt. am i sure going to travel? at the end, it'll end up with the same feeling: relieved.

so i just came back from cirebon, the city of shrimp, a small city located in west java. me and mba nilam departed from gambir train station in jakarta by cirebon ekspress in the early morning. first time travelling from gambir! *surprisingly, this station has starbucks on the south gate :P 

as we arrived, i was a bit amazed. cirebon train station's far beyond my imagination, it's larger than solo train station, and cleaner. the station has a magnificent mountain view in which foolishly blocked by a train station office bulding. 

maybe because it's ramadhan. this city was pretty calm.

cirebon has not many interesting attractions, only a few, so 2 days was enough. within those two days, we went to historical place such keraton kasuhunan; shopping shopping in trusmi (batik is a must! oh God save my wallet please) and rattan craft in plumbon; mingled with the resident in the afternoon market; and tried cirebon culinary such nasi jamblang, empal gentong, nasi lengko and soto bubur. 

as many cities in java, cirebon has becak as one of the local transportation. in my experience with jogja and surabaya's becak, cirebon's becak is the most not ergonomic one. if you sit on it more than 5 minutes, you'll feel uncomfortable on your back alias pegel. for the transportation, finally we found angkot is the most convenient one (for the wallet) for the tourist to explore cirebon but beware of the driver's driving style :)) 

it's a pretty good for a weekend escape from the hectic polluted jakarta :)


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