Saturday, March 23, 2013

visiting mr. affandi

a whimsical building aside river in yogyakarta. quietly and calmly stands facing one of the most busiest road in yogyakarta -jalan adisucipto. museum affandi. the eccentric artist designed the banana leaf shaped buildings himself.

the museum consists of 4 exhibition buildings; 1 for affandi's paintings and sculptures and his memorabilia; 1 for his sketches; 1 for his first wife's artworks, his son and daughter's paintings; and the last one is for his grandson's paintings. my fav is affandi's and maryati's embroideries artworks. the most artistic and beautiful.

 i peeped at affandi's bedroom on the second floor above the cafe and fell in loveee with his intricate astonishing bed sheet. i guess it's from india.

it opens everyday from 10 am to 4 pm. the ticket for indonesian costs idr 20,000. student idr 10,000. handphone camera idr 10,000. professional camera idr 20,000. oh well...

 look what i found when i got home.. a fat lazy cat lying on my chair :)


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