Friday, August 14, 2015

pandan cake

another mouthwatering indonesian classic cake, one of my favorites too. yes, it's pandan cake. 

it needs no advance baking technique to make a scrumptious one, only a real pandan and suji leaves (dracaena angustifolia). yes, just that simple. pandan cake with a real pandan and suji leaf tastes completely different than a pandan cake with pandan pasta which tastes artificial. you can smell it on your first bite. the scent comes out from the puffy (real) pandan cake never lies. the color also will tell the truth. the natural pigments of suji leaf produces a beautiful soft green color you'll adore. if you add some more, the color will be more intense. 

**unfortunately i didn't take picture of it but i guaratee this recipe is really works for your demanding tongue. 

pandan cake

150 gr (3 pcs) chicken eggs
150 gr sugar
1 tsp vanilla powder
150 gr flour 
50 g low fat butter, melted
4 pandan leaves  
3 suji leaves 
50 ml water

1 tbs low-fat butter
50 gr white cooking chocolate, finely grated

1. preheat the oven at 180 ° C.

2. prepare a baking sheet round hole diameter 20 cm. polish the entire surface of the pan with butter until blended.

3. beat eggs and sugar with a high speed mixer until fluffy and white (8-10 mins). add the vanilla powder and flour, sifted, stir gently, alternated with melted butter. set aside.

4. mash the pandan leaves, suji leaves, and water in a blender until well blended. strain, pour the mixture of water and pandan suji leaves 30 ml into the batter. stir well.

5. pour the batter into the pan and smooth.

6. bake in a hot oven for 45 minutes. remove and allow to cool.

7. brush the top surface of the cake with butter, put the grated white chocolate on it. (i like it plain without topping)

8. cut into pieces and serve.

source: femina

enjoy it with a cup of javanese tubruk tea :)


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