Friday, March 13, 2015

lilium embroidery, my craft line!

finally i made it came true!

i made my own craft line, Lilium Embroidery. it's officially established on 13 november 2014 (it's 5 months ago already, so this is a very late post ;)). let's get to know closer. 

what is Lilium Embroidery? 
Lilium Embroidery is personalized embroidery portraits based in Denpasar, Bali. Lilium is a reflection of fun, warm, brave individual who loves creativity and detail, as well as individual expression. therefore, each design is unique and special.

what are the products of Lilium?
Lilium creates personalized embroidered portrait on 40 x 40 cm cushion cover. the cushion cover made from white thick cotton or ecru linen. customers also can request in different sizes and colors. we can discuss the possibilities. in 2015, Lilium also available READY STOCK. 

how to order it?
It's very easy!

  1. Send me your best photo. 
  2. You can attach photos through LINE (see on instagram) or email me lilium.embroidery[at] Also feel free to give description of your favorite style, outfit. Also, please let me know if you have any special requests, such as colors to make it as personalized as possible! 
  3. You can choose one of these types of portrait (choose one): A. face only B. face-chest C. face-waist D. full body 
  4. Frame-theme option: A. flower B. hobby (tell us your hobby) C. swirls D. other 
  5. I create sketch. 
  6. I send you a sketch on your email. Minor revision is possible. 
  7. If you're ok with the sketch, soon I'll create your cushion cover :)

where can we buy it? 
up to now, Lilium can be bought online through INSTAGRAM and BLOG. check those out and follow to be part of Lilium's journey!

can you show us the products?
sure! here they are.

you can see more on Lilum's instagram and blog. currently i'm still working on the blog. 


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