Tuesday, January 6, 2015

a vibrant year

hey, it's been quite long i haven't updated my blog. at first, happy new year 2015 to all of you. i hope we're always blessed and could do better in the year ahead. 

2014 was a great year for me. more than half of the year i spent doing my thesis. morning to night. the result is more than i expected. i got A for my thesis, graduated cum laude and the second highest GPA in my graduate school! very very happy. 

then.. i left jogja, my hommy boarding house with the humble ibu kos, her daughter in law and the house maid, mbak marni. i've spent total 7 years of my life in jogja, my second home :)

age, it's not just a number. 

in 2014 i turned 30. i planned to make something, my own craft line. i felt like i have to make something i love to do, live my life. love it, make it happen. after a long long long wandering and dreaming, i create LILIUM. a personalized embroidery. at this moment Lilium has an instagram account (liliumembroidery) and a blog. soon it'll have a facebook page as well. even it's new, so far I'm happy with the market response. i'm happy whenever someone chat on my LINE asking bout my products. 

sadly, etsy doesn't allow me to join their marketplace. because one and another they closed my account. i've corresponded with the etsy support system and i respect their decision. just because you're rejected by the biggest craft marketplace in the online world doesn't make you discourage, right? :) i get this spirit after i watched one chance movie, a-true-story-based movie tells the story of paul potts, the winner of british got talent. you just have to be persistent and believe in what you do.

so what's next?

finding a job. to be a step ahead is not easy. finding a job is as difficult as doing thesis. hihihi... steve jobs said if you haven't found it yet, keep looking. 




Ambari LONE'STAR said...
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Ambari Lone'star said...

Cemangat Riri tik ^.^

riri prabandari said...

maaci ambari tikli ;p

yferonica said...

Hai mba.. boleh minta resep japanese castella (kasutera)nya? Makasih yaa..

riri prabandari said...

hi mba veronica, resep biin kasuteranya uda ngga aku simpen ternyata -__-' aduh maaf yah, tapi di link ini http://www.japanesecooking101.com/kasutera/ resepnya kurasa enak. selamat mencoba yah, dan semoga mba punya standing mixer ngga kya aku yg pake hand mixer. pegell ngocok putih telurnya :')