Saturday, May 4, 2013


my first time bajaj
my first time busway
my first time living in a semi bronx area
my first time ... too many to mention!

it's been a week i live in jakarta to run my obligation as an internship at institut francais indonesia. new office, new friends, meeting different character of people, totally new ambiance, clumsy me odd situation. i  really enjoy my everyday life walking out the gang using polkadot umbrella, catching bajaj to office and sitting on it. this is my first time using public transportation such bajaj and busway. it take courage as i never use public transportation as my main transportation on daily.  paranoid me. even adjusting with new ambiance is not my thing but i'm working on it. thrilling, stressful yet exciting! there's so many odd, quirky, hilarious, ridiculous details i found within this time. 

above all things, i am so grateful to be given chance to join the production team for PF 2013, to encounter the city i've always avoided to. feel the new experience. though not so young anymore ;)

i hope it runs smooth and well. ok, there must be obstacles, barriers, problems - whatever it called, but hope i can pass it nicely.


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