Friday, April 19, 2013

are you happy now?

so i choose law aspects and business ethics class for my elective subject on the second semester. i like the way the lecture teaches, it's very clear and structured as i don't have basic knowledge on law she makes it easy to understand. 

on one of the topics, we discussed about negotiation in order to make an agreement. the class was divided into two large groups and each group was divided again into two small groups (first party and the second one) to make a negotiation simulation. the goal was to show how to negotiate. the week after, we made another simulation to show the class about points to discuss during the negotiation process to be written on the agreement, NOT how to negotiate.

and... what i learned from both of it was just not the tips and tricks on a negotiation. apparently the character of each person showed through the simulation, whether (s)he's stubborn, complicate the other party, mean and all of the bad qualities of the person. i don't mean to judge, but the situation made me really realized that if a person was in a decision-maker, needed, beneficial, powerful position but in the real life they don't or never, they tend to complicate the situation. understandable. 

and the silly thing from the second simulation was in the end the class got nothing on learning but watching few people stood on their ego for something that not even exist. enuf said.


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