Sunday, March 3, 2013

weekend at the zoo

actually, visiting a zoo is not an option for me. i dislike it actually. sorta expropriation of the animals' life freedom. but been 6 years in jogja without never visiting the most famous (actually it's the only one) gembira loka zoo...ok it's a dilemma. i decided to come. once, just once. 

my since elementary school - junior high school - high school - in the same town universities' friend, yola who asked me to. along with her paleontologist friend, pipit.

as i predicted. skinny, unhappy and sick animals :'( still clear in my mind how the dirty limp super skinny white tiger with slumped steps got into the small pond in his area. the supposed to be strong fierce creature has lost his power. so as the other animals, even though you still can see some of them playing actively in their cage. 

gembira loka located in an 20 hectares area. if you're tired of walking, they provide safari cars which will take you around the zoo. you can get off the safari car at any stations you want to by paying idr... *i forget how much it was, cuz we walked along :D don't be afraid to get lost, an informative easy guidance zoo map that you'll get when u buy the entry ticket will lead to. the entry ticket for adult costs idr 15000. 


odd, strage, bizzzare: made-from-artificial-bush-animal-shaped-garden-decoration and snow-white-but-more-looked-like-a-witch. hihihi


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