Saturday, February 2, 2013

carrot juice: a miracle for hair loss

it started a couple months ago when i had severe hair loss. tired of using chemical products, i searched natural way solutions to it and finally i found this: carrot juice. carrot is rich in beta carotene which give benefits to our body, in this case: hair. the beta carotene will help the scalp to produce sebum. it keeps the hair and scalp moisturize which will prevent breakage and dryness. relaxed hair can benefit greatly from the normal production of these natural oil. along with beta carotene, vitamin such vitamin C, B6, B12, and E contained in will promotes blood flow to help stimulating hair growth.

more specifically about the nutrients contained in the carrot, one of the sources said:

you should consume vitamin C rich foods on a daily basis in order to consistently realize healthy hair and skin benefits. without the necessary amounts of vitamin C, you may find that you are experiencing excessive hair loss. not only that, you may also experience premature grey hair if you aren't getting your C's. another benefit of vitamin C is improved scalp circulation. think of healthy scalp circulation like you would a delivery truck that drops off all of the merchandise for a retail store. all of the nutrients in the bloodstream are delivered to the hair follicle efficiently with proper scalp circulation. 

vitamin E- also helps in scalp circulation because of the increased oxygen to the blood. because vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, increased levels of this vitamin in your blood can help combat against hair loss and possibly help against premature greying. not only can this vitamin promote healthy hair, it also has wondrous benefits for the skin. 

B vitamins - according to, carrot juice contains both vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. these vitamins are essential components of any healthy hair plan. they prevent hair loss and help maintain the vitality of the hair. B vitamins also help increase our energy levels. take advantage of the increased energy by adding a workout to your daily activities and benefit from the extra blood flow to the scalp. (

carrots not only provides nutritional benefits, it also has healing and cleansing properties. after consuming it regularly for a month i discovered my hair were healthier and the side effect, i found my skin was clearer :')

i still drink it up to now. lucky me, a supermarket located near my boarding house sells organic carrots. even the imported carrots taste sweeter i prefer the organic ones. it's healthier and extra value supporting our local farmer.

cheap, easy to make and delicious. drink a glass of carrot juice for hair loss remedies every day!


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