Friday, September 7, 2012


today was my first class after passed the matriculation at isi sewon. they didn't gave us the marks, just pass or not pass *sigh. i think i get 3 a and 1 b *as i used to chat during the class, only this subject :P. I'm quite confidence over my marks. :D

today i think i ate rat meat at a small warung makan near my college. i had chicken kwetiaw for my lunch. the meat texture was like chicken but when i bite the chopped small cuts meat, i found a small bone in it. it can't be a chicken meat, right? chicken don't have tiny bone! i won't eat there ever again.

today finally i've completed my three-days-bathroom's-painting-renewal. yah it's pretty good lah. i think i won't be a tukang, not good at it. 1.2 x 1.5 m half wall for three days? i can get fired.

today i had a nice calm afternoon in my solitude reading a pramoedya ananta toer's novel with a cup of premium blend coffee i took at the five stars hotel for free. i expected too much, it tasted biasa aja, even a cup of idr 10,000 black bali coffee at bhinneka djaja tastes much better than it. but well,, still it was nice afternoon.

today i saw a unique faced street cat on my way buying dinner. i should photographed her, but i didn't.

today i felt pretty bored at night so i watched breakfast at tiffany's movie. audrey hepburn was a true beauty wasn't she? and givenchy completed her.


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