Wednesday, August 8, 2012

talking to myself

it's been a long time not writing blog in english. i'll start it again from now on as i have to keep practicing my english, especially writing. not working anymore = not writing letter (in english) = not good. practice makes perfect, rite? :)

i'm on school holiday now. yah,, the matriculation is over, i'm waiting for the result on august 23 and it's pretty pull the tension, maybe i pushed myself too hard and now i'm too lazy to do anything. my body needs to get a rest but mind keep on thinking what to do. i have so many plans to do on this holiday, especially cooking. i really miss it.. i even already have plan on what to cook ever since in jogja ^^ i'll learn to make bread, i found an (seemingly) easy-to-made vanilla bread swirl from one of my fav food blog and kue nastar recipe from my mom's cooking book. not to forget the serabi kinca! it's an indonesian pancake with brown sugar + coconut milk syrup. wish me luck ok :)

until next week i have many plans with friends and cousin in bali. tea time, cooking class + oyatsu time with my "kids", new cupcake shop testing,,, and catching sunrise on the beach! drinking coffee on vintage coffee shop in denpasar's china town is on my list as well.. with a good friend *but haven't decided who's the lucky one ;) i also plan to re-activate my cross stitching hobby as well. whoa

currently i'm reading "50 arts ideas you really need to know" by susie hodge, my sis' book. love it! *i just read it until chapter 3, still 47 chapters to go :P

oh ya, i lost 2 kilos of my weight! when i reached home i went to my mom's examining room and so happy about it. yaiy! will do belly dance again tomorrow. *yah, it's cardio belly dance, not belly dance for tightening the belly. my belly is still soo big +___+ 



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