Thursday, September 1, 2011


have you ever think about archiving you own books collection?

since my bookshelf seems getting smaller month by month *wink, i was thinking about archiving them. the momentum when bout two weeks ago i realized one of my book collection, perahu kertas has disappear and careless me forgot who borrowed it. sigh.

so... i started to find a free downloadable virtual book-shelf software on the internet. it's pretty disappointing as i cannot find any that fit my needs *i've tried some of them. or maybe it's just me who gave wrong keyword to aunty google? dunno.

then a friend of mine, suryawan, a programmer, suggested to use Microsoft Office Info Path. i'm pretty sure you have it in your computer, but never care, do you?

Microsoft Office InfoPath is a software application for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data.

same as some other microsoft softwares, office path already has ready-to-use templates such as asset tracking, expense report, meeting agenda, status report and travel agenda.moreover, you can customize the box. whether it's a drop down, optional, date picker, check box etc. the form you've made also can be spread by internal office network. life is easy, baby ;)

i haven't learned this application in advanced so,,, trial and error is a proclamation ;)

ah ya! i've made a simple book template ones. LILIbrary. here it is:

i customized the ready-to-use asset tracking form into this. title, sub title, author, publisher, published location, total pages, book language, ISBN and notes. enough, ya? :) with help of aunty google, my job finding book cover become much easier. for the rest, the book cover i cannot find, i take photographs of them. i know,, i know,,, this task needs persistence cuz it's pretty boring ;)

but...let's get started! if it's not now then when? :D


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